Welcome to our Skillen family web site. This site provides the descendents of Francis Skillen and Mary Kerns who immigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1834 with genealogical information about the early years of our family in Canada. The site is intended as well to encourage the sharing of family history and information between the different branches of our extended family. Family members are encouraged to contribute photographs and articles about themselves and memories of their experiences as a member of our Skillen family in Canada. Those who would like to have their own web page on the site are asked to contact the webmaster.


We know from Canadian census data that our ancestors Francis and Mary Skillen came from Ireland. We know that they spent a short time in Bytown (Ottawa) before settling on 100 acres in Wakefield Township, Ottawa County, Quebec. We have no idea at this time about their places of origin in Ireland. We are interested in discovering the Irish roots of our ancestors Francis and Mary and to that end encourage communication with those who either bear or have knowledge of the Skillen name in Ireland


The Skillen name does not occur frequently anywhere in the world. A goal is to encourage communication about our common name with family branches everywhere in the world.  Members of all Skillen branches are encouraged to post information about the history of their families. We have a section for family trees. You are invited to post your family tree on our website. Only information on deceased members of your family will be posted unless permission from living members has been granted in writing.


A search of the Web has identified a number of websites with reference to the Skillen name.  Links to these sites are posted for information purposes only and in a small way to high light the presence of our common surname throughout the world.


We encourage you to submit Skillen related genealogical and historical information to the webmaster and to contribute to discussions using the Message Board.