Old Skillen House and Farm

Aerial View Winter View Skillen Farm
Skillen Farm From Road Old Log House
Johnny and Alfred Alfred Bernice Skillen
Skillen Front of House Alfred's Car 1937
New Farm Bernice Harlod Skillen
From Barnyard Old Log House  
Harold James Francis & James Oliver &
Alfred's Car Martin John Skillen Janice Skillen
Alfred at Home Jimmy & Violet Jimmy & Alfred
  Skillen Skillen
Alfred Skillen Alfred, Wilfred, Jim Skillen
Gravel Pit Bernice & Jimmy Farm Buildings
Alfred Skillen Donald, Loretta Freda & Terry
Front of House Lola, & Harold Old Farm
Alfred, Terry & Terry - Old House Old Farm
Freda 1943 Looking North
Lola, Loretta & Terry and Linda Renovated
James Skillen   Farm House
Old Farm House Farm House Skillen Farm
South Side 1970's Looking North
Farm House Old Farm House Skillen Farm
From East   2006